CCP games to build new headquarters in Reykjavik Science City

CCP Games VatnsmyriReykjavik startup CCP Games, most well known for its MMORG game Eve online announced today that they will build new headquarters next to the University of Iceland. The new location is in a Reykjavik city district which includes the University of Reykjavik and the University hospital and has been coined Reykjavik Science City by its key stakeholders.

The proposed building will be 140,000 sq.ft. and situated next to the Decode building in the University of Iceland Science Park. As well as housing the offices of CCP Games the new building aims to become a hub for Reykjavik IT companies offering facilities for both established companies and startups.

This is the second large development proposed in the science park as the pharmaceutical company Alvogen is well on its way with its corporate hq and biosimilars production facility.

CCP was founded in 1997 with the purpose of creating a multi player computer game. In 2003 they released the game Eve Online. The success of that game includes a Bafta nomination and a representation at the MOMA in New York. The CEO of CCP is Hilmar Petursson.

In addition to these new tenants the University of Iceland is starting work on its new building for the Vigdis Finnbogadottir institute of languages which is named after Iceland’s former president.

The picture shows the location of the proposed building located between Alvogen and Decode genetics across the street from the University of Iceland building Askja which houses the natural science departments.

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